About These Services:

Exterior restaurant cleaning is our most popular service. Most restaurants choose to clean their locations monthly but some choose to clean their stores weekly due to extremely high foot traffic. We will work with each restaurant individually to determine what service schedule fits into your P&L. We will also work with large corporate clients, such as Darden, Brinker and OSI restaurants, to find the best service package for your business or restaurant chain.

Our customers include some of the largest restaurant chains in the country, including Olive Garden, Red Robin, Famous Daves, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s, Red Lobster, Chili’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, The Greene Turtle, Seasons 52 and so on.

Our Restaurant Exterior Cleaning Service Includes:

  1. De-greasing and disinfecting your establishment’s entire dumpster area and all sidewalks.
  2. Pressure cleaning the dumpster area and sidewalks to remove dirt, grease, gum and other built up debris left behind by employees and patrons.
  3. A low pressure cleaning of your establishment’s storefront and signage.
  4. Removal of any tire marks from curbs.
  5. Finally, a courtesy blowout of debris in the parking lot so that when your customers are walking up to your business, they are greeted with an impeccable first impression.

Garbage Areas:

Garbage areas can quickly become magnets for grease, dirt, oil, smells and pests. This service won’t just make corporate and your health inspector happy – It will make you and your employees happy because of the reduced smell and overall cleanliness improvements. After all, you’re the ones who have to go back there in the first place.



Make that first impression great. If potential customers see a dirt “trail” coming out of store’s entrance, they might head over to your competitor. Worse, they might take that first impression and apply it to their entire experience at your establishment.


Awnings collect mold and carbon (from cars) over time. Our awning service is a low pressure cleaning that will restore your awnings to their former glory. If your customers aren’t looking down, they’re certainly looking up.


Drive thrus often form tire marks from thousands of customers driving the same path each month. In addition, cars often leave oil stains in the cement. With regular cleaning, you can reduce and even remove these spots.



Patios, like dining rooms, start to form grease “trails” over time. In addition, since they’re outside, patios build up a mix of debris, leaves, dirt and mulch brought in from the wind. We offer this service as an add-on to regular cleanings.