About These Services:

Over time, restaurant floors get caked with grease, oil, dirt and food pieces. This can quickly become a safety hazard for both your customers and employees. Additionally, these conditions are breeding grounds for unwanted pests. To prevent such problems, we recommend that restaurant interiors are cleaned every 3-6 months.


If you’re looking to get rid of caked food and grease from your kitchen, or if you’re looking to ace your health inspection, we offer full kitchen cleanings. This includes the cleaning of your side walls (up to 6 feet), kitchen floors and bar area floors.


Dining Rooms:

Over time, grease and dirt tracked from customers and employees creates darkened “trails” throughout your dining room’s flooring. This can create slippery, sticky floors that both your patrons and lawyers will notice.


If we’re already cleaning your restaurant’s interior, we can also clean your refrigerators, ice boxes and store-rooms for a small fee.


If your kitchen’s tiles are cracking or missing grout, we offer full and limited (priced by “line” or broken tiles) kitchen re-grouting.


Kitchen Revival:

Make sure your kitchen is in pristine shape, no matter the age: we offer kitchen appliance revival on top of store interior and exterior cleanings.


To clean and sanitize your floors, fixtures and sidewalls, we offer bathroom cleaning as an add-on to interior services.